Our 7th edition of Chartmetric's semi-annual music industry trends report, 6MO, has arrived!

Breakthrough Artists and Tracks to Watch in 2022

In Part 1, check out the most viral artist and tracks to watch out for this year on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Shazam, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, and our own Chartmetric Artist Score!

Redefining Catalog: Same As It Ever Was?

In Part 2, we question the music industry's long-held definitions of frontline and catalog, asking where listening attention is really going, what part TikTok plays, and what digital signals indicate where you should focus your attention when it comes to marketing music.

Some quick takeaways....

  • TikTok hits are more recent than you think (Kate Bush is a great headline, but not the norm)
  • Frontline should be stretched out to 3-5 years, not 18 months
  • It's even better to use real-time market signals to drive marketing focus
  • TikTok hits were diverse until 2020, till consolidating more attention on less tracks
  • Spotify and YouTube charting tracks, YoY since 2020, only change 10% of the time
  • Shazam correlates with Spotify and YouTube charting tracks 50% of the time since 2020, with TikTok success dramatically rising from 17% to almost 50% with Spotify charting tracks in the same timeframe (though YouTube's ecosystem couldn't care less)

Dive in to our new 6MO report here.

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