How Music Charts by Chartmetric is a blog focused on advancing music with the power of data. As part of our mission to be a platform for all artists, we are always looking for new contributors from diverse backgrounds to tell music stories that matter to them and provide interesting insights into the ever-evolving music landscape. Blog post pitches should demonstrate the writer’s familiarity with Chartmetric and our data-driven approach to storytelling.

If you aren’t a Chartmetric user already, we recommend you sign up and explore our features. It helps to be familiar with our product, as it's the main data source for our blog posts.

What We Look For

We are looking for articles that fit in one or multiple of our content pillars: market-specific trends, tech trends, TikTok trends, artist case studies, and Chartmetric feature-driven pieces. That said, we are open to any type of article, provided it's interesting and fits within the scope of our blog. Note that due to the nature of our in-depth data work, we don’t publish breaking news stories, but we do like to cover timely trends and events. Here are some previous articles for your reference:

We are a multilingual publication proudly publishing content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. If you have fluency in a language other than English and would be able to translate your English article to another language, please note that in the submission form. We are happy to receive contributing writers from anywhere in the world.

Pitch Details

The pitch should be as detailed as possible. We will help you tune your pitch, but there has to be a story there. Instead of saying, "I want to write about how TikTok affects the music industry," consider, "I want to explore how the Wednesday dance trend on TikTok led to the rise in popularity of The Cramps among Gen-Zers.”

Our stories often feature data visualizations that help showcase our findings, so let us know if you feel comfortable creating data vizzes yourself. We are also happy to provide technical support if needed!


Payment varies depending on a story’s length, depth, and the writer’s expertise on the subject matter, but we always compensate fairly. In most cases, we pay invoices upon publication via wire/ACH payments.

Next Steps

If we approve your pitch, you will receive an email from our Marketing Team within two weeks after submission. This email will include an invitation to chat with us to discuss pay rate, expected deadline, and any adjustments to the format, length, or scope of the post. We will respond to all pitches, but we can’t promise feedback on your pitch if we decide not to pursue it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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