Last week, with Underground Russia, Rutger sent us some dreamy Russian indie rock vibes. This week, you're in my (heavily-sanitized) hands, and I'm hoping our latest detectd playlist will help you through these unprecedented times. Be safe.

Listen to this week's detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

We're starting in Argentina's electronic scene, but then exploring all kinds of soulful House from there.

I kicked off with our Artist List page, because I just enjoy leading with the full strength of Chartmetric's 2M+ artists. I'm one of those types that sits down at a greasy spoon diner, and even though I may be craving tomato soup.... I gotta see what's on the burger menu, or the sides menu, or pies. Pies are delicious.

I decided to start with a country and genre combination that I'm not familiar with. My apologies to all of the hard-working Argentinian DJs and producers in the electronic scene ... but I'm totally ignorant in this space!

So, what better way to learn than by choosing Argentina → Dance & Electronic and seeing who shakes out.

After checking out a few of the artists, for whatever reason, I'm drawn to Adrian Hour's name. I play one of his tracks, "Shamrat," and I'm instantly thrown into the middle of a rave (I'm pretending I'm in high school again). It's sweaty, my chest is thumping, because I'm too close to a stack of sub-woofers, and everyone's wearing beads ... lots of colorful, plastic beads.

While there's a hypnotic, almost monochromatic vocal on loop, I remember that House is about the beat, the long-running vibe ... not any single word or phrase (if there is any). It may be totally against pop sensibilities, but for me, its departure from lyrics is part of its allure: great not only for the dance floor but for honing in on a task while working.

So, I wander down his Artist Page to his Neighboring Artists section (between his Social Charts and Audience section), because I'm curious who else is in his sonic palette. Remember that we take an artist's most frequently occurring sub-genre tags, and then look for other artists with a similar sound.

It's worth nothing that these "sub-genre" tags can be quite specific. They come from Spotify's highly specific genre tagging system. We use unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to help find which of these sub-genres occur most among themselves, and then use that to suggest other artists.

Neighboring Artists goes a step further and lets me sort that sonic palette by various metrics, such as our Cross-Platform Performance ranking, Spotify Followers, YouTube Subscribers, Instagram Followers, etc.

I check out some of the artists who are at similar popularity stages as Adrian Hour — and remember, we're no longer in the "Argentina" filter anymore, so we're just looking for artists with a similar vibe, worldwide. Because House is universal.

I decide that I want to see more neighboring artists, so I click for 40 of them in the drop-down. Now I get to listen to more new artists with the same House aesthetic.... In Adrian Hour's case, that means House, Deep House, Deep Groove House, Disco House, and Vocal House.

Then, it's just listening and personal taste.

From the disco feels of DJ Fudge and Kiko Navarro's "So Tight" to the thumpy 808s on Yolanda Be Cool and Worthy's "Pump the Rump" to the verb'd out soul of the Pop-structured "Day Drinking" by Black Saint & BRÍET.... I hope this detectd collection helps you get a solid vibe going while you're home safe.

While we need to be smart with our hygiene, there's no need to stay sad in these dark times. Enjoy!

Listen to this week's detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

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