Last week, Jason took us on another inspiring trip around the world with his uplifting curation of Non-English Pop, a solid reminder of the universality of music. This detectd reboot is transposing a few notes from Jason’s theme and diving into the equally wonderful and varied world of classical music. Beloved throughout time and forever transcending borders and cultures, the moving chords and melodies of woodwinds, strings, percussion, and brass have long been a soothing oasis of harmony and calm.

Listen to this week’s detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

Since detectd also does its best to showcase burgeoning artists, I’ve decided to throw us back to Day 1 and continue exploring our A&R Dashboard. As usual, 30-day Growth and Spotify Monthly Listeners (MLs) are already pre-selected for us along with filtering options "Released in the last 2 months" and "Unsigned." Changing our Artist Genre selection to Classical, Ensemble & Opera leaves us with 132.8K artists.

This is unsurprising given the breadth and depth of the category, but we only need about 10-15 of these stars, so let’s keep filtering. The pre-selected "Released in the last 2 months" and "Unsigned" filters are great for our purposes of featuring growing musicians but staying indoors has had me watching a lot of YouTube lately.

I thought it’d be cool to check out how the Classical scene is doing in terms of YouTube Channel Views, so I switched over from the pre-selected Spotify MLs. A smooth scroll to the right in the Breaking Artists by YouTube Channel Views table also reveals the Genres column, which efficiently shows us that New Age appears to be the dominant theme.

And just like that, we’ve narrowed our options down to 23 talented rising artists! We could use the Artist Sub Genre filter to narrow things down further, but I’m a big Classical music fan, so I think I’ll have some fun selecting tracks from these virtuosos. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that this week’s playlist will be a New Age Classical dream.

There are some indications that quarantine is changing the way we consume music, so consider this our contribution to a classical music resurgence. While we wait and see whether or not that transpires, sit back and relax with this serene refuge.

Listen to this week’s detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

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