Beats & Bytes is owned and operated by Chartmetric, the music analytics company. But we want to give industry operators a new way to use music and data ... with your ears.

We're thrilled to present our exclusive new playlist series, detectd. Every week, we'll present the fresh music we find on Chartmetric by picking a place and a sound and using Chartmetric data to send you a weekly scene.

It's vibes, not charts. It's soundscapes, not data dumps. It's starting from a place of data, but getting back to what we all love at the end of the day: connecting with great music.

Hache-P & Lartiste's "Impala" (released March 2019) makes this week's "detectd" playlist by Chartmetric 

This week we’re bringing you something familiar, but with a fresh twist. The lyrics may surprise, but the cool rhythm and flow are unmistakable. If you love Afrobeat, Trap, or a mix of the two, then Trap Français will be right up your alley.

Listen to this week's detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

How did we get here? Diving straight into the A&R Dashboard, 30-day Metric Growth and Spotify Monthly Listeners are already pre-selected.

A quick scroll through the pages shows more than 150K artists, but we do want a playlist theme, so let’s refine our search using Artist filters.

Filtering by Artist Genre.... Hip-Hop & Rap is pretty popular, so let’s select that…. But we’re also showcasing lesser-known artists, so let’s check out Artist Sub Genre.... Ayy! Trap Français sounds dope! And we can round things off by selecting France for Artist Country.

61 rising artists? Sweet! We’ll probably focus more on the first 15 or 20, but at least the data’s all set, and now we can curate!

Keep in mind that data-driven discovery isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. After all, if you're finding new artists through data, that means there's already some listening behavior that's making these artists pop up in the first place. So, you might not be the first listener to "discover" an artist, but you could very well be the first manager or label head to help that artist really catch fire.

Listen to this week's detectd on your favorite streaming platform here.

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