If content is king, then data is the king's hand—not a usurper with ambitions for the throne, but a loyal advisor guiding strategy with measured decision making. This hasn't always been the case, especially in the music industry, but with the millions of engagements happening every day across any number of music-related digital platforms, it's nigh impossible for anyone wanting to make it in the music industry to escape data's reach.

At Chartmetric, we're well aware of how daunting it can be to make sense of music data, which is why we're launching the world's first music data analytics learning hub: learn.chartmetric.com. Our aim is to empower everyone to enter or advance to the next level in the music industry.

Part of this learning hub will include a certification program open to anyone who wants to develop and/or demonstrate their proficiency in music data analytics and the Chartmetric platform.

“As the industry continues to grow and globalize rapidly, there’s just so much information—now accessible in the form of data—to process at once. But before we can even get to determining insights and trends, it’s necessary to understand the basics of what’s in front of us. We see the need to welcome artists, label staff, managers, students, and other industry personnel in a structured way that empowers them with the knowledge to make more well-informed decisions.” - Michelle Yuen, Education Program Manager

While the certification exam serves as its centerpiece, the Chartmetric learning hub also provides a study guide, music data glossary, and links to multimedia educational content. We'll be updating it regularly with recent academic projects that have thrived as a result of Chartmetric’s education efforts, including a lesson plan for Howard University’s Warner/Blavatnik Center for Music Business Fellowship program and a study conducted by Popakademie Badem-Württemburg on the relationship between TikTok and the German streaming and airplay charts. More information about academic partnerships is available here.

The Chartmetric learning hub is also home to an Opportunities page, which we will update regularly with music industry internships and jobs sourced from the Chartmetric network. The ultimate goal is to lower barriers to access for anyone wanting to start or advance their career in the music industry.

“We’re excited to make this learning hub available to everyone.  The concept was first derived with our academic partners, but it became clear that all music industry professionals can benefit from it. We offer numerous features via our app and this resource helps anyone to understand them on a much deeper level!" - Andreas Katsambas, President & COO

If you have any questions about our certification program and our academic partnerships, or if you're interested in learning more about our education initiative, join us for our next Off the Charts webinar on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 11:30 a.m. ET. Please feel free to email us with questions or comments beforehand at [email protected].

Sign up for a Chartmetric account here. Choose your plan and trial it for 7 days before committing. Our Artist Plan starts at only $10/mo.

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