Six Ways to Pursue Success in Music Marketing and Promotion

There’s no exact science in music promotion and music marketing, but in the 21st century, there is some data science.

Streaming, playlists, and social media have all made it possible for emerging artists and music industry professionals to use data to “prove the ROI [Return on Investment] of marketing,” as Billboard charting rapper Call Me Ace puts it.

But not all music marketing strategies are unique to the digital era. In fact, many are tried and true in the music industry, thanks to 100+ years of A/B testing and expertise. As such, the question of how to promote your music today involves old principles, new techniques, and a whole lot of creativity.

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By now, you’re probably well aware of some practical steps to take when it comes to getting your music heard — from electronic press kits to independent playlist curator lists and social media marketing — but how do you approach music marketing from a strategic standpoint? Here are six music marketing strategies and expert music marketing tips to consider when planning out the music promotion and music marketing timeline for your next release.

  • Put Your Music First
  • Understand Your Market Place
  • Recognize Your Strengths
  • Set Goals For Yourself
  • Use Your Creativity
  • Engage Your Audience

Keep in mind that many of these marketing strategies can happen concurrently or totally out of order, so don’t feel bound by linearity. This is the music industry, after all, so rulebooks aren’t really our thing.

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