Photo courtesy of Warner Music Fellow Korey Silas.

Over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year, Chartmetric partnered with Howard University’s Warner/Blavatnik Center for Music Business to include a music data analytics component in the inaugural Fellowship program. Through a series of recorded video lectures and online meetings, the Fellows took a course specially curated by Chartmetric’s Insights team.

“The Chartmetric training was an amazing introduction into the world of data analytics. The program provided an immersive and forward thinking approach to solving practical issues by recognizing opportunities for improvement and capitalizing on areas of excellence. I really enjoyed learning the intricacies of data analytics and coding and how they can be utilized to track and improve performance. I left the program with novel knowledge and skills I can apply and leverage throughout my career.” - J.D. Graduate and Warner Music Fellow Temidayo Joseph

Key topics in the course included the connection and history between music and data and the main components of any music data and market intelligence toolkit. The Fellows also learned basic SQL for understanding databases and Python to bolster their programming knowledge. The Insights team also took them through a full walkthrough of the nuts and bolts of the Chartmetric platform.

Photo courtesy of Warner Music Fellow Korey Silas.
“While the music industry's ability to predict virality is still a distant hope, Chartmetric’s music data analytics is the next best thing. Chartmetric Artist Score is my favorite metric because it gives an in-depth view of an artist based on multiple dimensions. As a JD/MBA graduate, I know that being the few to have the Chartmetric Certification gives me a competitive advantage post-graduation in the field of Entertainment Law and improves my ability to be a zealous advocate for my future client(s)." - J.D./MBA Graduate and Warner Music Fellow Drew Emerson

The course on music data analytics culminated in the Fellows being the first to take the Chartmetric certification exam, where they were able to demonstrate concrete knowledge and understanding of data analytics in relation to the music business through the use of Chartmetric Premium. The majority of the class passed the exam and earned the first set of Chartmetric certificates, verifying their expertise in Chartmetric and music data analytics in general.

“The certification provided to the fellows by Chartmetric has been extremely enlightening for those specifically wanting to learn about music data analytics. Having been introduced to programming languages such as SQL and Python, the fellows have been equipped with applicable skills they will use in their future endeavors." - Warner/Blavatnik Center for Music Business’ Administrative Coordinator Imani Hopkins

This partnership was inspired by Chartmetric’s education initiative, from the perspective of internal company discussions on the lack of diversity and equity in both the technology industry and the music business. Around the same time, Howard University announced the creation of the Warner/Blavatnik Center for Music Business, through the establishment of the Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund (WMG/BFF SJF). Not being able to find qualified minority candidates is one of the most commonly touted reasons for not having a more diverse workforce, yet each and every Fellow in this program was already more than well-qualified even before they achieved their certification in Chartmetric and music data analytics.

“Access to certifications are a powerful way for companies to assist with closing the gap. By helping Howard University students learn about the Chartmetric analytics tools and training them in a comprehensive way to understand and utilize ... data to a level of expertise verified by the company, Chartmetric is paving the way for students of color to break through and excel in the music industry.” - Assistant Dean of Impact and Engagement at Howard University’s School of Business Yuvay Meyers Ferguson, Ph.D

With this additional certified recognition, Chartmetric aims to further level the playing field and provide everyone with the equal opportunity to achieve their professional goals. As BBA Graduate and Warner Music Fellow Taylor Brown put it, “Chartmetric has allowed me to explore my passion for A&R, I have been able to discover and follow emerging artists on all platforms. Being certified in Chartmetric will aid me in discovering the next big artist in the music industry!”

Special thanks to Allie-Ryan Butler, Imani Hopkins, Dr. Yuvay Meyers Ferguson, Julian Petty, and Christine Osazuwa for all their help in facilitating, organizing, and connecting this fantastic partnership.

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