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The Chartmetric Booth

As this week winds down and Nashville bids a warm farewell to departing attendees, we wanted to crystallize several memories across the thoughtful panels and exciting in-person interactions we had with all of you.

For those who might not know, Chartmetric was a proud Platinum sponsor of Nashville’s Music Biz 2022 conference (check out our booth above!), marking an exciting return to one of the music business’ most anticipated events after a two-year pandemic hiatus.

A Roadmap for Change

Founder/CEO Sung Cho spoke at the first Music Biz LIVE Keynote, “A Roadmap for Change,” where other company leaders at EMPIRE, Culture Collective, Diversify the Stage, and the three major labels spoke about how their teams are incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives both externally and internally.

In his speech, Sung addressed our Make Music Equal initiative, which is Chartmetric’s effort to illuminate — and ultimately correct — inequities in the music industry. By incorporating data from artist bios, we can infer how artists self-identify, and by providing the additional ability for an artist to edit their own pronouns in our app, we aim to preserve self-determination without boundaries.

"So far, we have identified more than 600K artist pronouns, and that includes thousands of Spanish and Portuguese artists. Not only do we proudly present this data in our app, but also we make the data available for anyone who is interested in analyzing it, or integrating it into their systems. You can download it for free, under a Creative Commons license at We hope this will become a collective effort as more people join the initiative. If this gets adopted widely, we will be happy that we have played a role in advancing this topic.” - Sung Cho

Sung also spoke at “Stacking Up: The Right Tools for the Right Job,” where he, Rob Weitzner, (EVP of Revenue and Growth at Artist Growth), Kevin Breuner (SVP of Engagement and Education at CD Baby), and Kaitlyn Moore (Senior Director of Marketing at mtheory) went through what a great “tech stack” of tools the modern music business executive is using nowadays.

The Nuts and Bolts of Valuing Catalog

Our Digital Strategy Lead, Rutger Rosenborg, participated in “The Nuts and Bolts of Valuing Catalog” as a panelist, flanked by entertainment attorneys Robert Celestin (left) and Monika Tashman (right), in addition to Citrin Cooperman Partner Nari Matsuura and CatchPoint Rights Partners Co-Founder Richard Conlon, where the hot topic of catalog — and value — in today’s TikTok-addled world continues to increase in importance.

“In my view, there are two stages of streaming. The first is breadth, which has been characterized by widespread adoption and passive consumption. The second is depth, which is where industry attention is heading now: fandoms, communities, and audience engagement. Streaming growth is great right now, but as we hit streaming saturation in Western markets, depth is going to become so much more important in terms of determining the value of a catalog pre-acquisition and exploiting a catalog post-acquisition.” - Rutger Rosenborg

Globalization of the Music Streaming World

Chartmetric Chief Operating Officer Andreas Katsambas moderated the “Globalization of the Music Streaming World” panel with guests from Warner Music Group, BBR Music Group/BMG, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Nashville. The group examined how artists’ local origins can work for and against their global careers.

The major takeaway? There's no one-size-fits-all solution for artists. You have to know where an artist's strengths are and build on those first. Sometimes that means keeping things local, but it's always important to be thinking globally while doing so.

”It was a privilege to be on a panel with (from left to right) Tony, Jess, Addison and Chris! They are experts in their fields! We got the opportunity to discuss their top priorities, from developing to global stars.  Also which platforms are the ones that make an impact, and where should they focus depending on the release cycle. We then expanded in the key markets and the overall approach to emerging areas on a global scale!” - Andreas Katsambas

A-Z of DSP Tools for Artist Marketing

Chartmetric’s Director of Artist, Label & DSP Relations and Author of Word Hard Playlist Hard Mike Warner split the stage with Andrea Young from DPG Worldwide to chat about the “A-Z of DSP Tools for Artist Marketing,” where they presented “insights from their own case studies, along with follow-up action items, so creatives and those who support them can understand how to make the most of music release strategies, promotional tools, and tactics for fan development & artist branding.”

Audience members were buzzing with all of the knowledge, marketing tools, and strategies Mike and Andrea introduced to the room. The best part? Most of them are free!

Music Biz 2022: The Platinum Experience

Of course, no music business conference is complete without a lot of fun. From label after parties to local shows, our team had a ball with some of the best people in the industry. Don’t worry, we remembered to hydrate in the Nashville heat!

While we recover from an exhausting but important moment for the company, maybe you are getting ready for your next big moment: promoting your new track, finding the perfect artist for your roster, or executing a TikTok influencer campaign.

At Chartmetric, we’re your trusted teammate, bringing the music industry to your doorstep each and every day. So don’t be shy: We’re available to you via chat in the lower right hand of our app, on our socials (@chartmetric), or at [email protected].

Thank you to Music Business Association, our volunteers, and everyone that stopped by for a hello or a training session. If we missed you in Nashville, we’ll see you online.

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