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Growing Your Audience With a Data-Driven Approach

Today, we’re giving you a data-driven approach to growing your audience across digital platforms — and hopefully in real life — organically and legitimately.

A Guide to TikTok Music and How to Use TikTok as an Artist

TikTok is arguably the most important platform in the music industry right now. Learn more about how to make the most of TikTok charts and TikTok data with Chartmetric.​

An Artist's Guide to Trigger Cities

Today, we're covering cities around the world that “trigger” favorable algorithmic effects on music streaming platforms and help grow your audience worldwide. Check out our full report to download a list of today's Trigger Cities.​

Music Data Analytics for Artists

Understanding your streaming and social media data means crunching a lot of numbers from a lot of different platforms. That's where music data analytics comes in. Check out this list of the best music data analytics tools out there right now.​

How to Get on Spotify Playlists as an Artist

Understanding Spotify playlists is the first step toward understanding how to get on Spotify playlists as an artist. Download our list of the top independent curators on Spotify.

How to Promote Your Music

Whether you're indie, DIY, or on the rise, here are six music promotion and music marketing strategies to help you promote your next music release. Watch below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

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