Don’t be limited to searching by Artist only….search by City! (Photo by ben o'bro)

Chartmetric feature update as of: April 25, 2019 | For music data on the go: Chartmetric podcast

Excited to update on our newest features this spring! Check them out below, they’re all live now:

Cities Page (Premium only)

Introducing the Cities Page: Learn what fans are tuning into by geographic location.

Ever wonder what music is popular in certain cities? Need to route a college tour or better target social media spend? With our unprecedented new feature, the Cities Page, you can do just that.

Collecting the localized listening preferences of over 7.3K cities worldwide, we display over 10 panels of data from Top Artists by Spotify Monthly Listeners…to Top Tracks by YouTube Views……to the most busy live concert months of the year and Top Genres by Shazam Count……to local radio station and Top Artists by Spin Counts.

Cities Page: Localized data from Spotify/Shazam/YouTube/Songkick/radio

There’s a lot more to explore in the Cities Page: Find it by clicking on “Cities” in the Main Nav bar at the top of your page upon login. The page defaults to Global, but choose a country to get a city list to choose from!

Neighbor Artists

Ever wonder how your competition is doing? Or maybe you’re looking for a collaborator in a similar career stage to work with for your next project?

Neighbour Artists: Know who’s in your ballpark and how they’re doing

Check out Neighbor Artists: it looks for artists with a similar metrics in Spotify Monthly Listeners, Spotify Popularity Index, Spotify Followers, Spotify Monthly Listeners to Followers Ratio or Deezer Fans, which you can all sort by while still staying keyed into your primary artist.

Toggle to see 10, 20 or even 50 artists in both directions for better visibility into your artist’s playing field.

Find Neighbour Artists in your Artist List or Artist Profile > Social section.

Pro tip: In Artist List, you can also click on Expand…social stats to see neighbour artists for Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and more!

Instagram Follower Demographics (Premium only)

Want another data source to supplement your Instagram Insights backend, right alongside the rest of your Chartmetric profile?

Instagram Follower Demographics

Discover Instagram Follower insights quicker and easier for more than 45K artist profiles on our database.

Learn demographics by gender, gender by age, engagement rates, average likes/comments/views per post, language, ethnicity, fan location, top countries/cities, brand affinities, popular mentions/hashtags, notable followers, so you can better promote & connect on social media!

Find this on the Artist Page > Audience section. Click Refresh Data at the top of the page to renew it if the data is more than a week old (you can check this next to title of this data panel).

Amazon Playlists & Charts (Premium only)

We’re now on the 3rd most subscribed music streaming platform in the world.

Find Amazon playlists by clicking on Playlists in your main nav bar, or in any of your artist profile pages in the Playlists section.

Find Amazon charts by clicking on Charts in your main nav bar. Premium users have full historical access starting from Feb 2019, Free users are limited to today’s chart.

Playlist Time Machine

Ever wonder what a playlist looked like on a different date than today? Need to do some historical analysis?

Playlist Time Machine: Travel back in time...Great Scott!

Navigate to the desired Playlist Profile Page, then scroll down to Time Machine.

Email report customization

A small but useful update for email report superusers: choose which platforms you’re most interested in receiving emailed updates on in your Settings panel, and cut down on your clutter.

Email report customization just got better.

Chartmetric podcast (Monday — Friday)

We now produce a 3-minute podcast releasing every weekday morning with chart, artist & playlist insights to get you up on the latest in the music data world. #wakeupcall

It's New Music Friday Monday: Deezer's Brand New UK playlist is all about pop this week and dominates Spotify's New…

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Alexa or your preferred platform and let us know what you think by rating and commenting on your podcast app! Find out more at


Last but not least, we gave our landing page a facelift and a .com domain to make it easier for you to remember and navigate to!

Check it out:

A new look for an ever-evolving service

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at hi (at) chartmetric (dot) com, or go to to chat with us in real-time during business hours, Pacific Standard Time.

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