Happy New Year to you! We’ve been coding over the holidays and wanted to unveil more Chartmetric features to start out 2019 with.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

As a result of these new updates, we are also announcing new pricing for new Premium subscribers after Feb 15, 2019. To our existing subscribers: your pricing will not change! And for those on the Premium fence, it’s a great time to get in.

On Feb 15, the Premium tier will go to $140 (monthly) / $1400 (yearly), while the Standard tier will stay the same. Please note that the yearly subscription will continue to include the value of two free months compared to a monthly subscription. We hope you enjoy what we’ve been cooking up!

Without further ado, here’s what’s live on Chartmetric now…

Artist Profile: Rankings by metric (Free, Standard, Premium)

Improved artist profile page

We now show the ranking by Spotify Follower counts/Monthly Listeners/Popularity index. This ranking is among artists on Chartmetric (as opposed to on all of Spotify’s artists). We also highlight the artist’s most recent album release and its release date. Use these to get a good idea of how your artist stands among the industry’s priority artists, as well as their latest activity.

Track Profile: Additional info (Free, Standard, Premium)

Improved track profile

You’ll now see Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer playlist counts to keep track of their playlist exposure, both editorial and total (including user-generated playlists). For those looking to get into the subjective aspects of the music- which can be especially useful for branding campaigns- you will now see major/minor modes of the track as well as the key it is in. Finally, to stream the record you can click your favorite platform in the “Listening On” links to click out to, as well as the artist’s Chartmetric page by clicking on their name.

Radio Airplay: Extended with more graphs and more features (Premium only)

Airplay — State-level spin counts
Airplay — Market-level (city-level) spin counts

In Oct 2018, we announced that we began tracking a specially-curated set of the top 300 U.S. radio stations most relevant to Chartmetric customers, in partnership with RadioWave.

You can now observe trendlines over your preferred timeline on the right side, as well as use the Markets/States toggle to view spins and market shares by market (basically city) or state. Got a summer tour to plan? Here’s a great way to see where to go.

Genius Page Views (Free, Standard, Premium)

Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” on Genius

Over 500K tracks on lyrics-expert Genius are now being tracked by Genius page views…looking for deeper-level traction on your artist’s music? Here’s a great place to find it, maybe use it to plan your next set list at a big show!

More Public Charts: SoundCloud, Shazam (city-level), YouTube & Beatport (Free — one day, Standard/Premium-full historical)

We’re big on market analytics, and knowing all the platforms’ various charts is key to knowing where you stand in the marketplace.

Continuing to be a great home for many independent artists (ripe for discovery), we now have Soundcloud charts. Search between Top & Trending, 30+ genres and country. Many of these tracks are mapped to our core database, so you can jump to the detail profile any time. Along with Play Counts!

SoundCloud charts- still a strong bastion of independent music

We’ve had Shazam charts for some time, but now you can search by cities! Long considered a great predictor of track popularity, discover what Brasileros are Shazam-ing in Belém, and maybe target them in your next social media campaign.

Shazam charts by city

YouTube remains one of the most popular places to stream music, so no charts aggregator would be complete without it. See who’s on top by Track, Music Video, Trending Music Video or Artist. Along with View Counts!

YouTube charts

For our electronic music-oriented customers, Beatport is still where the world’s professional DJs buy and download high-quality tracks to tear down dance floors around the world. Search by genre and date, because club-goers will inevitably be asking, “what song is this?!”

Beatport charts

More API routes (API plan)

Chartmetric API documentation

For our data-hungry API customers, we added a number of new routes to take advantage of, please see our documentation here. For those looking for large-scale data solutions, email us at hi at chartmetric.io if you are interested in subscribing to our API plan!

Artist Page: TV appearances (Free)

TV show appearances

On the Artist Page, you’ll now see one of our newest data sources from TV Maze. TV Maze documents actual artist appearances on TV shows (vs. TV/film synchs), filterable/sortable by date, genre, show title and more. This is a great way to cross-reference with our Instagram or other social charts to see how effective a guest spot has been to reach new audiences.

Artist List: Advanced Filters (Premium)

Advanced filters for the artist list

Tired of seeing Ed Sheeran, Drake and Rihanna on top of the Artist List? Use our Advanced Filters to narrow down the field by Spotify Popularity Index, Follow Count, Monthly Listeners or Listener to Follower Ratio, and you might just find the next emerging artist you want to work with…

Instagram Follower Demographics (Standard/Premium)

Instagram Follower Analysis

Though this data source unfortunately stopped in Aug 2018, for our most popular Chartmetric artists, we’ve captured a static demographic breakdown of their IG followers by geography, age, gender, language, ethnicity and even interests! Can be invaluable when you want to tailor your next social media campaign towards a specific population.

Frontline / Catalogue / 28-Day Add Ratio (Free)

Frontline/catalogue playlists

Across our Playlist List, and on every Playlist Profile, you’ll now see the ability to identify playlists that are more Frontline or Catalogue-focused. We’ve also added a “28-Day Add Ratio” to understand how often a playlist gets changed up by its curator. This will be great to conserve your playlist pitching resources for ones which you have the best chances for. To learn more, check out our Medium blog piece, “Oldies But Goodies: Streaming Makes Catalogue Records New Again”.

A&R Tool: YouTube Channel Views (Premium)

A&R dashboard — Youtube channel views

Premium users who have access to our A&R Tool will see YouTube Channel Views as a new social metric to measure % of change in the last 28 days. This focuses on the artist’s official channel itself, rather than a one-off video, to help show audience engagement and fans that want to learn more. We also show their latest album release and link it so you can investigate what all the attention is about!

Improved Social Insights: 30-day and 60-day periods (Free)

Improved social insights

On both your Dashboard and the A&R Tool, any time you see a “Social Insights” button in the artist’s row, you can now see two periods of % change in many of their platform reach/engagement metrics. See what’s been going great and where you can improve in one click.

Artist Profile: Analyze Button (Free)

Custom Chart: Compare any artist’s social metrics with another’s!

From Artist A’s Instagram followers to Artist B’s YouTube subscribers, you can plot several artists’ social metrics on the same Custom Graph, accessible now through the Analyze button on the Artist Profile sub-navigation bar. A great way to perform custom comparative analysis!

Spotify Playlist Evolution: Editorial Playlist Flags (Free)

Last but not least, on the Artist Profile page > Playlists section, you’ll now see flags along the x-axis, which highlight Spotify Editorial Playlist Adds and Removes…understand how much this affects your playlist exposure by aggregate follower count and playlist count.

Phew! That’s it for now — and if you’re reading this, hope it helps illustrate how we’re always building and improving your music analytics experience, something that we value very much at Chartmetric.

Here’s to an awesome 2019 and if you have questions, hit us up on all socials @chartmetric!

Edit (April 2019): we also have a podcast now for quicker music data news on the go!

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