Music Promotion and Talent Discovery With Data

Sung M. Cho and Andreas Katsambas explore music promotion, talent discovery, and what an independent artist needs to connect with their fans — no matter where they are in the world!

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How Music Charts: The Live Podcast

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg and Jason Joven host the How Music Charts podcast live, answering your data needs, big and small, and offering our unsolicited advice for you, your team, or your band.

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Gender Equity via Music Industry Data?!

How can we use metadata to champion equal representation? How do we combine technical know-how with socially-conscious values? What does a journey towards gender equity in the music industry look like, and what are the major touch points? Michelle Yuen and Shashank Chaudhary explore those questions and more.

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A&R in the Post-COVID Era

Live performance and traditional artist promotion ground to halt during the pandemic, but consumers continued to discover new music. Explore this topic with Chaz Jenkins, Karl Fricker, and Jamie Leeming.

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Spanish: The New Power Language for Global Artists

Spanish-speaking artists are having a moment, especially when it comes to regional genres. Mauricio Mendoza, Francisco Toscano, and Andreas Katsambas discuss how regional Latin artists have captured the world’s attention, and why Spanish is (still) the hottest language to sing in.

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