Multiple platforms, markets, and tracks beg for a simplified chart understanding…here’s one way to attack them.

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Continuing to be one of the many pop culture battlegrounds for gender representation, the Recording Academy’s 61st chapter of the Grammys had a lot to live up to on Feb 10 2019 as the American music industry’s premiere awards gala.

Last year’s caustic public criticism of the 2018 Grammys found it guilty of snubbing women in both awards and performance slots, triggering the #grammyssomale hashtag on social media and pointing towards a bigger societal issue that had been long overdue.

One year later, “music’s biggest night” would eventually give 31 awards, twice as many performances (than males), and six of the nine prime-time categories to women.

In order to examine how the awards show has affected some of the artists’ careers, we turn to one of Chartmetric’s newly unveiled features, Weighted Chart Summaries.

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