As of: Nov 27, 2017 | Spotify rank: #3 | Chartmetric daily podcast

Like the streaming version of NYC’s Hot 97 radio station or BET’s 106 and Park, Spotify is loudly answering the question: what’s the latest & greatest in rap music?

RapCaviar sits at the #3 position for most followed playlist in the Spotify ecosystem. Outstripped only by Today’s Top Hits (check out our analysis of that playlist here) and Global Top 50, RapCaviar is the hottest genre-specific playlist in the surging field of digital music curation.

Chartmetric visual: Spotify followers

At 8.3+ million total followers and growing ~7700 every day, here at Chartmetric we’ve been tracking its statistics since March 2017 and want to share what we’ve learned so far both in our data and from the wider music industry. With over 43% growth over the last 8.5 months (started at 5.7 million), it’s worth the attention.

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