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Right about now, you’re likely digging through your personalized “2018 Wrapped” playlists on Spotify (it’s in the Genres & Moods section), flipping through Billboard’s “Best Songs of 2018”, or otherwise taking stock of your 2018 resolutions and if you indeed actually went to the gym more.

We hope you did.

But if you didn’t, here’s what you can play when you hit the treadmill!

Removing duplicates and still counting “first billing” (the main artist) remixes, we’ve gone through 2018's biggest “new music” playlists on Spotify (“New Music Friday” or NMF) and Apple Music (“Best of the Week”), as well as their pop music flagships, “Today’s Top Hits” and “Today’s Hits”, respectively.

We pulled out the artists with the most unique track appearances on each list to see who’s been promoted the strongest this year, so enjoy Chartmetric’s 2018 wrap-up!

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