As of: Nov 11, 2017 | Spotify rank: #1 | Chartmetric’s daily podcast is here!

by Jason Joven and Sung Cho


Today’s Top Hits is the #1 playlist in the Spotify ecosystem, with 18.2 million followers (approximately 7.5 million more than the #2 playlist, Spotify’s Global Top 50), and has around 2.5 million daily active listeners. Chartmetric has been tracking this playlist since May 2016, and we would like to share some interesting data with you!

This is the premiere pop and hip-hop playlist in which only the biggest stars and viral emerging artists play. The list count as of Nov 2017 stays at 50 tracks at any given moment.

Impressively, this playlist’s growth from Nov 2016 to Nov 2017 approximately doubled in size from 11.6 million to its current 18.2 million followers. Over the same period, its average daily change has remained steadily positive at 30,000-35,000 followers per day. It will be interesting to see the sustainability of such success over the next 12 months.

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